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Caregiver Support Services, LLC is a home caregiver consulting service

About the Consulant


B.S.:       Home Econmics Education


               Cheyney State College

Master:  Urban Education

                Temple University

Master:  Secondary Education

                Temple University

Ph.D.:     Curriculum and Instruction

                Minor: Early Childhood   

                Penn State                  



                U.S. Officer

Home Health Caregiver Experience

1. Care Plan Meeting Advocate

2. Implementation Specialist for the Home Caregiver with the Care Plan

3. Room Designer for the Loved One

4. Family Resource Agent

Author: Caring for Those Who Cared For You

Caring for Those Who Cared for You is a self-help book for making decisions about caring for your loved ones.  The book identifies three stages of decision making a caregiver may go through in making decisions about the care of their loved one. The first stage is supporting your loved one with their care in their home. The second is moving your loved one into your home so that you can care for them. The third stage is moving your loved one into a healthcare facility for their care.

Caregiver Support Services, LLC

Caregiver Support Service, LLC is a Caregiver Consulting Company that  Joanne B. Blanchard, Ph.D. is the President. The services are primarily for the person in the home caring for a loved one. This person we identify as the Home Caregiver.

 The  home caregiver consulting provides the strategies, resources and recommendations to the home caregiver to provide the best possible care for their loved one. 


How to Get Home Caregiver Consultant Services

Home Caregiver Consultant Services are made by appointment. To schedule an appointment you can go to Schedule an Appointment on the webpage.