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Caregiver Support Services, LLC is a home caregiver consulting service

Caregiver Services

Implementing The Daily Home Management and Treatment Plan (CS1)

Assisting the  Home Caregiver with making decisions about the implementation of the Care Plan for their loved.

Identifying Financial Assets (CS2)

Helping the Home Caregiver, who has been designated  to assist with the finances of their loved one, to  make a list of all financial assets and entitlements.

Selecting a Healthcare Facility (CS3)

Working jointly with the Home Caregiver in selecting the best possible healthcare facility for their loved one.

Creating Rooms for Positive Memories (CS4)

Preparing the room and living space for the Home Caregiver's loved one.

Monitoring Medications (CS5)

Demonstrating to the Home Caregiver how to document the medications that are being taken and their side effects with their loved one.

Validating Medical Visits and Procedures (CS6)

Showing the Home Caregiver how to keep track of medical, family and friend visit with your loved one. 

Social Engagement Activities for Your Loved One

Planning Positive and Engaging Activities (CS7)

Support the Home Caregiver  with trips and activities that are social or have a specific goal.

Examples of Positive and Engaging Activities

Social Trips

1. Going to the Movies

2. Attending Special Events

3. Visiting Family and Friends

Goal Orientated Trips:

  1. Medical Appointments
  2. Shopping
  3. Grooming (Barber or Beautician)

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