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Caregiver Support Services, LLC is a home caregiver consulting service

Home Caregiver Tools

Caregiver Notebook (CT1)

Create a notebook or use an electronic device to:

  1. List the names and phone numbers of  doctor and the Care Plan Team
  2. Record the medical condition or conditions
  3. Note the agencies that deal with the medical conditions.

Details of the Care Plan (CT2)

In your caregiver notebook record:

  1. Daily Home Care Management
  2. Agency Resources
  3. Financial Resources
  4. Healthcare Facility Options
  5. Medical Visits
  6. Medication Monitoring
  7. Meal Types
  8. Caregiver Rest Options

Dependable Family and Friends List (CT3)

In your caregiver notebook make a list phone numbers of family and friends, who are dependable and you can call on. 

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Progress Notes on the Implementation of the Care Plan (CT4)

Keep a daily notes on how well the treatment plan is working by:

  1. Frequency of events
  2. Attendance of support agencies
  3. Feedback to the Care Plan Implementation. 

A Calendar to Keep Track of Medical and Social Events (CT5)

You can use a big calendar poster or a calendar on an electronic device to:

1. Write  down medical appointments

2. Schedule support agencies to come to the home

3. Plan when family and friends can come over for support or visitation.

Time for Yourself Activities (CT6)

Communicate with your loved one's Social Worker to identify agencies that will care for your loved one while you make some time for yourself.